Today in an international environment , highly competitive and complex , each individual must make a difference in their skills and talents.

Our personal and professional relationships are assets that often facilitate integration and / or accelerate a professional career.

Issues :

  • How to exploit , benefit , build on our personal and professional networks ?
  • Responding to a request for assistance , providing services at attractive prices to individuals, companies, associations and local communities ?

DEME Agency is born from the idea of sharing and solidarity. Its slogan : Undertake . Innovate. serve

UNDERTAKE through :

  • Risk taking measured
  • Convincing the public and private partners, sponsors , investors
  • Conquest of existing and new markets

INNOVATE through :

  • Continuous improvement of existing solutions or offers on the market
  • Listen permanent needs of users
  • Competitive intelligence and adjustment of supply deal with customer requests

SERVE through :

  • Help , offers services to others
  • Support , self- realization and skills acquired through
  • Sharing experience and pooling of relational networks
Mohamadou DEME
Founder - Manager


DEME Agency is a collaborative and inclusive agency that sells specialized catalog of services via an interactive web platform for community members

It consists of 4 ENTITIES , strategic divisions :


    Social Network - User Space - Publication / Announcements - Events - E-commerce


Communication - Events


Tips - Training



A website for :

  • personalized services at competitive prices
  • find a job in the world
  • matchmaking web platform between individuals and professionals
  • develop its network of relationships with real encounters


Graduate engineer in industrial systems engineering and risk management in 2002-2003 , Mohamadou began his career as Quality Engineer in an international Group in the automotive sector . There then continued his career as Head Retex , Quality Facilitator and Project Quality Manager.

In 2008, he occasionally conducts extra professional activity as a trainer Lecturer , assistant at the University of Paris12 Creteil.

In 2015 , a passion for education , training , workforce development and support , he decided to embark on entrepreneurship in addition to his professional activities. A few months later he gives birth to DEME Agency, with the aim to build on their professional experience and network. He convinces public and private partners to accompany him on this adventure that will see right away the importance of this innovative agency.

Today Founder , Managing DEME Agency, Mohamadou DEME led the development of its business in France and abroad with as motto " The Human our inspiration , the heart of our concern."

For more information , see : http://moham-deme.com/

Key dates

July 2015 : Creation of the company DEME Agency

November 2015 : Launch of the DEME Agency website

December 2015 : Creation of the brand DEME Agency

January 2016 : Fundraising by a Crowdfunding Campaign

February 2016 : Opening a sales office in Paris

March 2016 : Improvement Site functionality Development Agency DEME

Our founding values


  • Closer , federate community members
  • Encourage social bonds between members, relatives, friends, acquaintances circle
  • Establish intergenerational ties

    • Mutual assistance between Member
    • Collaborative activities
    • Cohesion , teamwork


    • Sharing of lessons learned
    • Knowledge Networks , skills and talents
    • Opening to the outside world (partners, General public , media )


    • Preservation of identity , personal data of each individual
    • Contractual Commitments
    • Individual Rights and Freedoms


    • Reliability and loyalty relationships
    • Adhere to corporate values
    • Quality of services


    • Sustainability of relationships between members, partners , sponsors , investors
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Team professional , efficient and participative